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Technical, Engineering and Software Department

Possessing skilled engineering experts and by using various software for designing, making, planning and project control, this section tries to prepare workshop maps and production planning.

PDMS (modeling), TEKLA and BOCAD (preparing as-built map), STAADPRO SAP and ETABS (structure designing), MS-Project and PRIMAVERA (control and planning) software are some software used in this field.


Project Schedule

After concluding the agreement and determining the description of services for any project, managing director appoints the project manager. After noticing the agreement on behalf of managing director, technical manager take action to have studies and extracting the working areas. According to the Work Break Structure (WBS) it prepares the break structure of working areas for activities, detect, and code them together with completing the plan form of the project by using a software. Next stage it determine the frequency of activities as designed by technician or technical manager and in the schedule form it determines their pre-requirement relations. After completing above-mentioned stages, the duration for conducting the project is determined and allocated to the activities for any section. After completing the form, technician confirms its information and provides the project control expert with a copy of form. Project control expert saves the file of any project with providing the project control expert with a copy of form. Project control expert saves the form in the file of the project and delivers the prepared schedule to managing director for his approval. After approving the schedule, plan is noticed to the technical manager as basic plan.

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